Validating time in ajax

If it is not, the control's ID is removed from that list.So that the value of that should always be a list of any control ID's containing invalid input.I have tried setting the 'Date Input-Causes Validation' to true but this had no affect. NET comparison validator to the field but I get an error about setting focus when doing this.

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This includes a large bunch of sample code and a complete reference guide to all the built-in validation rules in the library.Explain to your user what is wrong and suggest solutions.Common validations for text field are ‘required’, minlength, maxlength or matching with a text pattern for a pattern In the example code above, validation to mean: “the input always needs to be of x characters or more” This is for numeric inputs – when you wan to to check whether the input falls in a certain numeric range.NET validator when the user entered manual input, or at least not how I wanted it to be working, so I just wrote my own. I created these client script items to handle processing the events.The Text Changed function is called from the On Blur event of any Rad controls that need to be validated.

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