Sidney crosby dating history

He started accumulating his earnings since he was seven years old when he gave his first interview on a newspaper at the age of seven.At the age of 13, he had already scored 217 payoff points in addition to the regular season at midget level.“I think for some people it will always be ‘Sid the Kid,' ” she said.“But it doesn't really stick as much as it used to.” Ten years into his career, Penguins captain Sidney Crosby is no longer a kid.

I see her in the summer, but she's definitely a Pittsburgh dog.” Who could resist?

Kathy Leutner, a stunning model is the girlfriend and possibly future wife of Sidney Crosby. He is the regular captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of National Hockey League (NHL).

He is considered as one the finest hockey players Canada has ever produced.

At the same age, he won the top scorer award and an MVP at the same midget level national tournament.

He also gave Canada his winning goal in 2010 Olympics.

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