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’ It’s so funny when you talk about children as actors, because they have such a natural affinity for play and they’re not thinking so much, and that’s really exactly what it’s like. He never thought it was weird, he never questioned it, he just jumped right in, and he really genuinely asked the question, “What’s gay? I want to know more about that.” And he was so game for dressing up in Mom’s clothes, he was so game for makeup. What was it about Danny that immediately spoke to you personally? And, very importantly, what Hogwarts house are you in? What transpires is addicting and pleasantly deep exploration of gender and sexuality identification in children and adults, and how difficult decision-making can be when it comes to early, progressive development. After we graduated, Mike was like, ‘Hey, I have this small web series that I’d love for you to audition for.’ I went in, I loved it, I really related to it.Leading the series as "Danny" is Patrick Reilly, an openly gay young actor who's made Danny such an easy person to fall in love with and whose career is taking off in a big way. ), then get to know the show's endlessly charming leading man, Patrick Reilly! I think that he vibed with me and so he put me in it.So many web series and content from young creators have so much passion in it, which is so amazing, but sometimes it can really beat you over the head with a message or try to impose itself on you. I think what’s kind of lovely about, and what I’ve heard lots of people tell me and Mike, is that it’s sort of a slice of life piece that is dealing with kind of actually this monumental issue, but it’s not making it this monumental issue. And that, of course, is , which everyone should check out. Dealing with the topic of queerness is more accepted these days, but it’s kind of like, how do we manage the discussion you have to have now with your children about how blurred the lines are, and how queer is an over-arcing term that encapsulates so many different identities?It’s a sweet five episode, five-minute episode each web series about a manny who finds out that the boy that he mannies who’s six years old starts wearing women’s clothing. So that’s kind of what it’s about and it’s really sweet and really funny and you should check it out! It’s a similar story with a similar character; his name’s Danny and he’s just gotten back from school, graduated college, and he goes home to live with his mom for a little bit to kind of get his bearings.

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    Will and I just decided one summer, “Let’s write this idea and if it’s bad, nobody ever has to know, and if it’s a little better than bad, we can send it to friends, get input, and make it better.”BROWN: Who was the first person you sent it to? [During ,] all I did was focus on the movie; I was in that headspace the whole time.

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