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He would go out of his way to make you feel as uncomfortable as he could."The feelings of isolation weren't merely figurative: Schiano required visiting talent evaluators to spend part of the practice sessions sequestered in a small, sunken, dugout-like area far away from the non-visible field."They made you report to practice at a certain time – when it starts – but then they stuck you 200 yards away from the field in an [enclosed] alleyway," one NFC team's player personnel director recalled."This is Jersey; it could be raining, sleeting, whatever.Since major college football serves as what amounts to a free farm system for the NFL, it's tempting to view visiting talent evaluators as entitled interlopers whose employers benefit from such an arrangement.Yet there are obvious advantages for college coaches, too: The presence of scouts is viewed favorably by players with NFL aspirations, and when a coach and/or program consistently send players to the league, it can be used as a persuasive recruiting tool.[Video: Fantasy wideouts to sit, start in Week 3]" data-reactid="43"[Video: Fantasy wideouts to sit, start in Week 3]Consider that Alabama coach Nick Saban, a notorious authoritarian, is nonetheless considered one of the most obliging hosts by NFL talent evaluators, which may play a role in the Crimson Tide's prodigious pipeline of players landing on pro rosters.It's no wonder that when the Bucs chose Schiano to replace Raheem Morris, many NFL personnel men were stunned.

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A guy like him doesn't realize that probably half of us played the game at a really high level – it's completely condescending.I think it was just a lack of respect to NFL personnel."Said the AFC executive: "There's a box, a little bitty box, way away from the field.All the scouts had to stand in that box like a bunch of little kids."Here's Tom Coughlin, one of the most respected men in this league, telling him he's out of line, wondering why his [-million] quarterback was put in harm's way. And even before this, the NFL's scrutinizing eyes were already upon him."[Video: Who is the NFL's best team?You have to understand that the NFL really is a brotherhood – these guys are in the same union, and some of them socialize together, and some end up as teammates down the road."He's been perceived as a bully in the NCAA, and he's still trying to bully. ]" data-reactid="59"[Video: Who is the NFL's best team?

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