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Merkel had an East German hairstyle and an East German accent, and, as with many East Germans, people didn't know exactly what her agenda was.She hadn't fought the battles of West German politics, but she had been a member of the Free German Youth (FDJ), the youth organization of communist East Germany.A few months ago, I was in Kimball, a small town in the US state of Nebraska, when I received a nighttime call from Germany.I was fast asleep in a nameless motel along Interstate 80.Almost 25 years after the Berlin Wall fell, a profound sense of otherness endures between residents on both sides of the former divide.Rather than trying to change or ignore this, both sides should simply accept it.I couldn't have been much farther away from Germany, and yet Germany always manages to catch up with you no matter where you are.

Indeed, one of the great moments of German television came when Gerhard Schröder, the incumbent SPD chancellor, lost to Merkel in the 2005 election and seemed unable to comprehend his defeat by this woman.A GDR background was enough to explain away any malfeasance.Conversely, when a man ate another person, he was called "the cannibal from Rotenburg." It's a city in western Germany, of course, but why should that be pointed out?Still, given that we're in the midst of an election campaign, Steinbrück's remarks triggered an outcry across the political spectrum.Some demanded that he immediately withdraw his candidacy for the chancellorship or at least apologize.

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