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He was largely absent from the first half of Season 2 but returned during the later part of the season.Despite being an enemy and antagonist throughout the majority of the show, he later realizes his former ways are wrong and is trying to restart his life as a good, regular kid. Gideon is first shown (as a cameo) in an advertisement on the back of an issue of "Wacky News" in the episode "The Legend of the Gobblewonker," with the words "Child psychic." After Soos shows the twins Gideon's commercial in "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," they decide to test him as a psychic.He blows up the safe, takes the deed and has his father use a wrecking ball to destroy the Mystery Shack's sign.Gideon plays a prominent role in the season finale, "Gideon Rises." He reveals the purpose of the journals, and tells his father (and the viewing audience) that he still requires the other one, Journal 1.

A sworn enemy of the Pines family, he serves as the series' main antagonist throughout Season 1, until his eventual defeat and incarceration in the last episode.

He is stopped at the last moment by Dipper, however, and the robot crashes after a brief skirmish in the control center.

He attempts to have the Pines twins arrested, but Stan reveals the falsehood of Gideon's supposed powers: his special pins are hidden cameras.

Gideon is then seen backing up into the forest, saying "This isn't the last you'll see of widdle ol' me." Gideon makes his next appearance in "Irrational Treasure." He dresses up as a tomato farmer on Pioneer Day and teases Stan by throwing tomatoes at his eyes after Stan insulted Gideon by saying he looks less girly than usual in his costume.

In "Little Dipper," Gideon is playing with his Mystery Shack set, and decides that taking over the Shack would be the perfect way to get revenge.

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