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Stress-Producing Situations Everyone experiences times then they feel upset, disappointed, or exhausted.When such feelings are combined with certain life events or situations, they often lead to mounting tension and stress.

Responding quickly, efficiently, and effectively are the primary objectives of an effective crisis solution.In addition, the feelings and psychological effects typically experienced by family members in crisis are presented to increase awareness of the ramifications of crisis.Definition of Crisis A "," is an upset in a steady state, a critical turning point leading to better or worse, a disruption or breakdown in a person's or family's normal or usual pattern of functioning.There are five types of situations or events that may produce stress and, in turn, contribute to a state of crisis: Difficulties in Coping An individual's or a family's ability to deal with a crisis situation is influenced by their physical and behavioral characteristics and their attitudes and beliefs.Even families with generally happy lives and networks of support can become overwhelmed by stressful events.

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