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Electric Ray is looking for families with children aged 8-16 who want to participate in a unique experience that explores issues around parenting and child freedom.In each episode, the home featured will be fitted with remotely-operated cameras that will film 24 hours a day with the aim of observing the children’s experience.If you are planning to make major renovations and would like to work with a leading British architect Amazing Productions would love to hear from you.You must have an ugly home, a realistic budget, and plan to complete your build in 2018.We want products from a range of categories, including household gadgets, gifts, homeware, health and beauty, DIY & gardening, sports and fitness, technology, toys, baby and toddler, pets, travel and transport – or anything that would appeal to a multi-category retailer.If you are interested in being considered for the series, you can APPLY to take part via: email [email protected]/ call 02 for further information.

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Studio Lambert are looking for entrepreneurs and inventors from across the UK, who have a product that they want to showcase to the nation.If you think your family might fit the bill, you can apply to take part by emailing [email protected] call 02 / 07469 083393 for further information.Are you about to completely remodel your ugly home?Working with respected senior child development psychologists, the series will explore how the children deal with increased freedom and responsibility and will show the children’s ability to cope.There will be designated spaces in the home for privacy.

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