Chanel from fantasy factory dating

She gave me a blowjob in the Mean Orange Machine, and bounced her big squat booty up and down on my cock. This exotic looking hottie wandered into a construction zone, only to find herself the one getting worked on!

She begged me to soak her big tits, so I came all over them! This guy is immediately drawn to those pantyhose, getting a nice feel before pissing all over them!

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I was relieved to get back to the testing center, but as soon as we got there Aubrey starting flirting with me. Oh how these beauties love to explore the depths of the blue collar world!

Jen Teal was ashamed of her camel toe until her personal trainer pounded that pussy!

Holly Fox got mad when workout buddy Dave ate donuts, but she loved it when he ate her asshole!

'I'm single and focused on my music career,' she confessed. 'I'm really excited about Love & Hip Hop,' she said.

When asked if she has any reservations about being on the reality TV show, she said: 'I fear getting into any further drama because I’m really not a dramatic person.'Other than that, being on show that highlights my music careers makes it worth the little bit of drama I’ve had to go through.' New reality: And she is looking at a new show.

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